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TOPHC 2012

On 4 April 2012 I will be participating in a conference workshop with pharmacist Scott Gavura in Toronto, called TOPHC. We will be discussing how to use social media to combat anti-vaccine sentiment. For a summary, see Scott’s post on Science-Based Pharmacy.


CBS Fail

The skepticism website Skepchick has alerted the masses that CBS is airing a joint venture by Joe Mercola and NVIC (two hefty sources of anti-vaccination nonsense) alerting people to the “risks” of vaccines and their “choice” of whether or not to get them. Though by highlighting risk, it’s clear what choice they want people to make.

There’s a petition to sign. I’m not really partial to those, however there is also information on how to contact CBS directly and through Twitter with the hashtag #VaxCBS.